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Coosea Group

Founded in 2006, Coosea Group is a national high-tech enterprise. Thanks to its excellent product quality, Coosea builds its core competitiveness through the hardware + software + supply chain ecosystem, and evolves into a global smart device manufacturer and mobile Internet service provider.
Business Structure

PCBA Business

It officially commenced operations in 2006; in 2007, Coosea Dual SIM Dual Standby motherboard blazed a trail in the industry; the monthly sales surpassed 2.6 million units in 2012. In the era of feature phones, Coosea MT¬6225 and MT6253 rank top in terms of MTK’s global shipments. Whatsmore, Coosea is MTK’s first customer in the world with sales of more than 1 million phones for the MT-6573,which is first smartphone platform.

Koobee Brand

Founded in 2009, the self-developed koobee Brand is the first mobile phone brand for which a press conference was held at Beijing National Stadium. It was ranked among the TOP 12 mobile phone brands in China. Endorsed by the famous signer Jolin Tsai and the famous movie star Deng Chao, the brand invested tens of billion yuan in the new brand communication strategy, and is favored and recognized by consumers.

Coosea Communication

Coosea Communication, its research and development company, consists of a professional research and development team. dido OS has software developers of close to 70%. Android-based smooth dido OS provides the users with an excellent human-computer interaction experience, and is now favored by over 20 million users. It has obtained 623 patents. In the Internet business, it has independently developed six products including application market, with over one million users every day.

ODM Business

In 2017, Coosea established an ODM Business Unit. The Group invests top resources in overseas ODM and is positioned at the mid-to-high-end market. In 2018, the unit showed results, as the company launched 7 new projects and passed GMS certification for 120 projects. It is a Google MADA Member and Mediatek Strategic Partner. In 2019, it entered the global market, and reached cooperation with local king brands in America, Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia and Middle East.

Industrial Park

Yibin Intelligent Terminal Industrial Park, the Group’s manufacturing base, covers an area of 140,000 square meters and has a total building area of nearly 160,000 square meters, with a total investment of over 1 billion yuan. The assembly plant has 10 complete product assembly lines, with an annual production capacity of nearly 5 million. It has complete mobile phone manufacturing capability to ensure that orders can be completed in a timely manner with quality higher than industry standards. SMT has 4 Fuji NXT SMT lines, each of which has a daily capacity of more than 12,000 pieces. The annual production capacity of motherboard is more than 10 million.
Corporate Culture


Market-oriented, Providing excellent products and services for users, to achieve the dreams of customers, employees&partners!


Committed to become a sustainable development, respected innovative enterprises!

Enterprise core values: Fullfill One's Duty and Keep Promises
Enterprise values: Fullfill One's Duty and Keep Promises;
Deliver Customer-Centric Business Strategy
Produce High-Quality Product;
Keep Working Hard

Fullfill One's Duty and Keep Promises

Be dedicated to your duties, Be brave to take responsibility, Be reliable to your promise.
Integrity and self-discipline, Forbidden any behavior that harms the interests of the company and customers;
When problems occur, seek own responsibility , seek truth from facts, not make excuse, not shuffle, not wrangle.
Respecting for nature and love for mankind, Respecting society, markets, rules, business partners and economic laws, Dedicated to operate company and make employees live more decent and dignified.

Deliver Customer-Centric Business Strategy

Serve customers piously and help them achieve their business goals, thereby achieving our company's sustainable development;
Efficient and pragmatic, pay attention to the good reputation, technology accumulation, continuous progress, and strive to gain the long-term trust of customers.

Produce High-Quality Product

Produce valuable product that customers could sell well, with clear positioning, excellent quality, and competitive cost;
The selling point continues to innovate, and the workmanship is brave to surpass.

Keep Working Hard

Teamwork, fight together and win together;
On the basis of benefit sharing, with key incentives as the core, benefit distribution is inclined to contributors and strugglers;
Set up performance evaluation standards to make the strugglers stand out and eliminate those who do not work hard, not motivated, poor ability, and poor performance.