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Coosea Group, Founded in 2006, is an industry-leading provider of mobile phone design and delivery services. Based on its existing service advantages, Coosea expanded its business to various smart products to provide reliable and high quality services for domestic and foreign famous enterprises and Internet companies.


R & D Base

Coosea builds the Shenzhen R&D base into a research and development center, an advanced innovation center for intelligent manufacturing, and fully integrates regional characteristics to connect people with nature, the world with the future, and ultimately integrates health, beauty and technology.
To raise the brand value of our customers, we invest more than 1 million dollars every year in the research and development of flagship products. More importantly, Flagship models request extremely high standards for key components selection, user experience management, and R&D efficiency. As a result, our R&D abilities are constantly improving through flagship models, keeping us step up to the forefront of market demand.

Some Numbers of Coosea Group

Coosea Group, headquartered in Shenzhen, integrating R&D and market resources to create an international operating platform ,has already globalize their business all over the world such as East China, South China, Taiwan, India, South Africa, Australia, Europe, and the Americas。

16+Years Experiences 900+Patents 800+Engineers 3000+Employees 160000 m2Industrial Park