Publisher:Coosea   Issuing Time:2023/03/11   Source:Coosea    
From February 27 to March 2, 2023, the annual event in the field of global mobile communications - Mobile World Congress (MWC) was successfully held in Barcelona, Spain.

The conference attracted more than 200 countries/regions and more than 2,000 manufacturers to participate in the exhibition, and the total number of exhibitors exceeded 80,000. The chairman of Coosea Group, the general manager of the intelligent terminal business group, the general manager of ODM, and the general manager of the R&D center led the sales, marketing, and R&D teams to participate in the four-day MWC exhibition, showing the latest product concepts and scientific and technological achievements of Coosea.

Let's focus on Coosea's booth:
It is located in Hall 5, with a superior geographical location and matching industry classification, Coosea has attracted many exhibitors to have further experience and communication.

During the MWC exhibition, we hold an average of 5-6 exclusive meetings with customers every day, including customer new product proposal meetings, customer market seminars, product review meetings, customer appreciation meetings, etc. After careful overall planning, we have reached a punctual, successful and efficient communication with our customers.

We have set up product-display area, camera performance display area and rugged phone experience area, these areas with different functions realized the interaction with potential customers.

Camera performance display area, to experience the performance of ODM No.1 Camera

On the product-display area, the magnetic stand with excellent texture improves the user experience

In the introduction area of mobile phone components, the ultra clear internal structure attracts people to take pictures

Experience area of rugged phones, intuitive visual impact attracted visitors to watch

This event is not only a feast, but also a journey of harvest. With the close cooperation of all leaders and departments, product display and customer meetings have achieved satisfactory results.
Through this MWC exhibition, we achieved the goal of face-to-face and continuous communication with customers, and promoted the new product Roadmap in 2023 to a wider market on the basis of maintaining and consolidating customer relationships. In recent years, Coosea Group has achieved long-term development in the industry, with a certain brand accumulation and stable development. In the future, we will stick to the original intention of being customer-centric and serve every customer with our hearts.

Stronger Together!