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Coosea Group and Samsung Signed MOU Cooperation Agreement

Publisher:Coosea   Issuing Time:2018/04/03   Source:Coosea    

On April 2, 2018, David Chen, chairman of Coosea Group, and WANYOUNG JUNG, chief of south China region of Samsung Electronics, jointly signed the strategic cooperation agreement of 2018 MOU Cooperation Agreement. Coosea and Samsung have signed the cooperation agreement on memory products for five consecutive years.

At the meeting, Ms Faye from Samsung Electronics reviewed the remarkable achievements of the both sides over the years and gave a detailed analysis of the goals to be achieved in the new partnership, expressing high confidence in the future.
Samsung has always emphasized the concept of "with leading technology, using the most advanced technology to develop new products in the import stage, to meet the needs of the high-end market", which is very consistent with the future development direction of Coosea Group.

As one of the few China high-tech enterprises that maintain strategic partnership with Samsung Electronics, Coosea Group will take this advantage to bring more high-end and stable memory standard product.
The signing of this agreement not only represents the mutual recognition and trust of the cooperation between Coosea and Samsung, but also, a good performance of Coosea Group that has been adhering to innovation, making high-quality products and maintaining excellent competitiveness for many years. Coosea Group and Samsung Electronics will work together to achieve joint development and mutual benefit.