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Coosea Group Attended The 1st China International Intelligent Terminal Industry Development Conference

Publisher:Coosea   Issuing Time:2019/05/12   Source:Coosea    
On May 9 to 11, 2019, the first China International Intelligent Terminal Industry Development Conference was held in Yibin city of Sichuan province. Many heavyweight domestic and overseas guests attend the conference - ambassadors, associations, mobile enterprises, operators, distributors, and other areas of the world's major economic zones and industry. Coosea Group was invited as an important corporate attended, and invited its several international partners and overseas operators.

During the conference, Coosea Group participated in the sub-forum of "Transformation -- 5G Application and Industry Trend", and discussed the topics of communication technology and cross-border integration of intelligent terminal products with other attendees, and shared the company's new direction of intelligent industry.

On May 10, Yibin Municipal Government leaders met with Coosea's overseas guests.

Chairman and CEO of Coosea, David Chen and Kary Wei came to have a meeting with overseas partners, with the theme of intelligent communication technology for in-depth discussion.

On May 11, after the forum, Kary Wei led the partners to visit functional areas of Coosea's industrial park in Yibin. After the visit, the partners strengthened their confidence in cooperation, build more trust based on saw the scale of the industrial park themselves.

Phase One-koobee Yibin Intelligent Terminal Industrial Park

CEO Kary is leading overseas partners on a workshop tour
The conference not only held a multi-party forum, but also held a three-day "AI+" theme exhibition in Yibin International Convention and Exhibition Center, which was attended by several well-known operators and mobile brands. Among all, the booth of koobee mobile is shown with the theme of "Entering the AI World", attracted much attention.

Yibin Mayor Du Ziping and Municipal Standing Committee member Li Xuejiao are experiencing koobee's new products
The performance of Coosea Group in this conference has attracted much attention, and demonstrated its strength to the world. Let's wait and see Coosea's next move.