Coosea laboratory
Date : 2017-05-24

Equiped Prize test laboratory with First-class Test Equipment. We will test every function for each model of mobile phone in our test laboratory before release.

RF laboratory is able to block outside signal and to guarantee test data is accuracy and stability.RF laboratory equip with hi-tech test equipment is called CMW500.CMW500 is able to test 2G/3G/4G function and WIFI/BT/GPS function.Our RF laboratory is able to conduct, as well as to do the coupling test. Our RF laboratory is also able to let call, surf internet and WIFI/GPS function reach best state with ability of GPS and call function debugging

Baseband laboratory is able to test completeness of power source and signal. Equip baseband laboratory with advanced digital Tektronix oscilloscope DPO 5204B and its also able to test the signal quality of USB, camera, LCD and so on.CPS300 Current clamp can test current of high speed charging and meanwhile it won’t disturb impedance of path.BAT-700 is able to draw the curve chart of discharge.

Equiped audio laboratory with sound attenuator, AP525 and other audio test equipments. Anechoic chamber can block the sound from outside and AP525 can analyze electrical signal and acoustic signal. Our laboratory now is able to analyze Frequency Response, distortion and impedance and F0 of electroacoustic components, chipsets and HIFI electrical signal. And also can test Frequency Response and distortion of phone speaker box. All these process will guarantee the quality of audio electrical signal, acoustic signal, Electroacoustic components and mechanical acoustic cavity.