F3R Won the Innovation Award in Global Sources 2019 Autumn Show

Publisher:Coosea   Issuing Time:2019/10/18   Source:Coosea    
In October, 2019, overseas sales team and marketing team of Coosea Group went to Hong Kong, China, to attend the exhibition of the world's biggest electronics show - global sources Mobile Electronics show, which held in Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo, the show has more than 3700 booth of mobile devices, gathered over 70000 buyers from 150 countries and regions.

As the largest booth in Hall 1, Coosea's booth attracts the attention of buyers and media from all over the world.

Coosea staff is introducing the real scene model of Yibin Intelligent Terminal Industrial Park.
In the exhibition, Coosea's new product F3R stood out from the numerous exhibits of over 3700 exhibitors and won the global resources Innovative Award. In addition, even before the launch, the other product of Coosea - X6, was favored by professional product analysts among a large number of products on display. It was included in the Official Recommendation of Excellent Products and displayed in the official exhibition hall.

Kary Wei, CEO of Coosea ODM Business (fourth from the left), was invited to present the global resources Innovation Award on behalf of Coosea Group.

After winning the Award, F3R received the attention of media around the world.
Besides mobile phone, Coosea's new product lines - fully automated coffee machines and vacuum cleaners, are also in the spotlight and is highly recognized by global buyers.

During the exhibition, Coosea held discussions and in-depth exchanges with many buyers, whom has strong willingness to cooperate with Coosea, and a number of buyers express to reach an agreement, become strategic partners.

Coosea Group presents its strength to the world and attracted global attention at the exhibition, Coosea will continue to make efforts, continue to innovate, research and develop more excellent products, we believe that the future landing products will be more popular in the market!