Looking Forward to MWC 2021, See You Next Year!

Publisher:Coosea   Issuing Time:2020/02/13   Source:Coosea    
On Feb 13, after a multilateral discussion, John Hoffman, CEO of GSMA, which sponsors the MWC, issued a statement saying that the decision to cancel MWC 2020 was made due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Prior to the official cancellation of the MWC, Coosea Group had decided to withdraw the exhibition due to safety concerns for our employees and partners during the outbreak period.

An original invitation of Coosea Group for MWC 2020

A rendering of conference room of Coosea Group
Goosea Group respect and understand the decision of the GSMA to cancel MWC Barcelona 2020, and we believe that 5G product will prove our strength in 2020. Meanwhile, Coosea has rebooked the booth in 2021 with MWC Barcelona. Let's look forward to it together, see you in 2021!