Coosea Group R&D team
Date : 2017-05-24

Prize has more than 500 employees and 80% of them are software developer.Most of our developers graduated with degree and 20% of them graduated with master.Most of our developers have working experience in famous enterprise and they are able to develop software which customers require.

Cooperate with first-class venders, including MTK、Samsung,OV,AAC,SONY,SHARP,ATL and so on. To guarantee our product quality is the reason why we choose first-class venders.

Be able to develop the 4G LTE phone which is available under all kinds of networks.Be able to provide professional customized mobile device service for CMCC , CTCC and CUCC.

The dido UI is developed from Android OS. It is a fast, stable, power saving OS. dido UI provide a clear, handy, smoothly Human-Computer interaction for more than 20,000,000 users.